December 22, 2015:
Dear Friends and Clients,
Yesterday Bonnie suffered an injury from which it will take some time to recuperate. As her client list is confidential to her, we – her supporting friends and family – offer this notice to inform you that she will not be able to keep what appointments you may have scheduled for the immediate future, nor to book further appointments at this time.

January 4, 2016 update:
Bonnie passed away peacefully this morning in the Halifax Infirmary, surrounded by her loving family. Funeral arrangements will be handled by Cruikshank's Funeral Home and the Halifax Shambhala Centre.

Bonnie Rabin

Services are covered by most insurance plans
As a licensed psychologist, my services are covered by most insurance companies; coaching is categorized as a technique under the general heading of counselling services.

Coaching conversations may be arranged by appointment as a series, or as one-time meetings. Conversations may be held via telephone if that better suits your needs. Click here for a list of discovery questions that may be helpful to look over in advance of our meeting.

Group workshop facilitation:
Meaningful work with individuals or groups must begin at the point at which the participants presently find themselves – which is not necessarily where they'd like to be. As a long-time psychologist/coach and healthcare provider, and having attended many workshops, it is clear to me that one size does not fit all! So, a workshop begins with a plan customized to the participants, while keeping in mind the overall goals for the workshop.

Please feel free to write or call for more information.