The practice of coaching can be extremely valuable. The word "coach" is overused today, in my view, but not so the profession itself. Co-active life coaching, in particular, provides positive support in these challenging times. What was true a few weeks ago, or even yesterday, may not be so today. What's it like to be yourself right now?

Your coach, as witness, listens attentively and asks provocative questions to help you call forth and illuminate the steps that will help you to live your life fully. Rather than approaching the relationship from the perspective of hierarchical position, the co-active coach sees the world through your lens and assists you in expanding that view, becoming a listener without bringing her own agenda to the conversation. (See more under biography.)

What are you longing for? What do you need to cultivate? And what do you need to weed out, recycle, or clean out of the closet of your mind?