Bonnie Rabin

“I look back and see I have designed my life around who I am,
and others have come to me to do the same.”

Born of a lifelong desire to be of benefit to others, Bonnie has re-assessed her personal and professional life a number of times. Her career, spanning over thirty years, has morphed from speech therapist to interior designer, to psychologist, to life coach. “All with proper credentials,” she chuckles, “inside-out and outside-in.”

After nearly 25 years working as a therapist, by the year 2000 it had become apparent that contemplative psychotherapy clients were looking for something different. An article in the Globe and Mail inspired Bonnie to investigate the Coaches’ Training Institute, and her first coaching workshop experience was transformative: she rediscovered herself there, underneath the armature of psychology.

Whereas her previous training had focused on the identification and labelling of symptoms, co-active life coaching allows her to maintain focus on the whole person, sitting right before her. Bonnie’s experience as a psychologist informs her coaching practice – she knows which questions to ask, how to tune into people and draw them out, so they can help themselves and guide their own destinies – and yet coaching is not psychotherapy.

Bonnie continued coaches’ training, which included supervision for one year as a coachee herself. She took advanced coaches’ training and has been successfully working with coaching clients ever since.

Bonnie also began the practice of meditation many years ago, and finds that her meditation practice has paralleled and complemented her counselling and coaching career, equally helping her to understand and cope with change. Yet another influence in Bonnie’s life has been her in‑depth study – more than ten years’ duration – of the art and science of astrology.

The loss of her younger son, Neil, to AIDS in 2001 has strengthened Bonnie’s heartfelt commitment to be of benefit to others.

Bonnie has been able to help many people tap into their innate wisdom and courage in order to lead fuller, more satisfying lives. Her goal for her coachees is to do the same.

• Advanced Coaches' Training: The Bigger Game, April 2002
• Group workshop facilitation (also see contact page)
• Voted Best Psychologist by readers of The Coast, 2002
• Co-active Coach Training: Coaches' Training Institute,
Nov. 2000 through Sept. 2001
• Atlantic Counselling Services: Founder and Partner
• Private psychology practice for 30 years
• Developed original curriculum for Contemplative Psychology program (Group Process component) at Naropa University
• MA: Clinical Psychology - Goddard College
• BA: Speech Major, Psychology Minor - Hunter College

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